Thursday, 21 June 2012

Freedom is not free

As you can see, the statement put forward today is, 'Freedom is not free'.  This topic allows me to think that freedom is not just given to us;  and the freedom we enjoy comes from someone else's sacrifice (or enslavement).  I have put together some questions for you to ask yourself:

Where does our freedom come from?
Who sacrificed their freedom for ours?
How do we utilize this freedom?

Yes, these questions are very short - but dynamite comes in small packages.  It is important that we acknowledge those who made sacrifices in order for us to be free.  They could be your ancestors, a hero politician, or your parents.  If they had not created or kept our freedom, we would not even be able to imagine what it is like to smile, act or speak freely.  Thus, it stands to reason that we owe these custodians of freedom and that we should not take our current existence for granted.

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