Monday, 24 September 2012

5 years ago and 5 years later

As everybody has plans, you have plans, and I have plans. Especially, I think CPUT 2012 PR B-tech students have an obvious and unwavering next 5 years plan.

Most of us want to become a professional called PR practitioner, so they all work hard following their plans for dream. Personally, I am also stepping for my ones. We are living today, and already got next 5 year plans. What else do we need more? Information? Research? I would like to say having a time to go back to 5 year. Did you expect your current situation 5 years ago? just think what you have been missing since that times.

According to Steve coby, a day is a miniature of lifetime. On the other hand, a thing that you do not miss anything today is to build up your life. Is it threadbare? This is world goes on.

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