Saturday, 15 September 2012

My big fat BIG dream.

Ha-ha! My big dream is to become one of richest men in the world, buy luxury cars, and enjoy the rest of my life. This is the easiest way to answer this topic. It is true that everybody want to become a rich and not poor. Right! Money is important; however it is not my first priority.

I just imagine in my dream working in a company and as well running own my business; as an entrepreneur. It could be funny if I said my business could be a greater than some companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung. Is it really funny? But, do you think those companies can be maintained forever? Just think about the last 30 years? Who has survived? The environment of war will be changed into new different ways and scopes. And I want to be at the centre of stage of the revolution. So monetary assets will come to me naturally.

This is my big dream.

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